Sculptures made of ''Bog Oak''

“Bog oak” is wood that has lain in swamp or bog for hundreds or thousands of years. Reaction products of the tannic acid of the wood with the iron salts of the water color the “bog oak” black or dark brown. Only by accident do these wooden relicts come up to the surface to see the light of day. The first impression is more likely to be that of a morbid, decrepit material, but when working with it, you quickly realize that it can be very hard and resistant to gleam in silky sheen after extensive polishing. It is a special charm to draw new life from this hoary “material fossil”. In this way, unique artworks arise from particular finds of ancient “bog oak”.

Hans-Hinrich Sievers

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Most of the original sculptures are available for purchase.
Each sculpture can also be ordered as a bronze casting in the size of your choice.
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Balance I

Progress …
Progress, where to?
To the truth, to the good,
to the more?

If progress is regression,
is then regression progress?
Unknown …

Nothing is certain,
but one feature is major:
Progress without reason
and against nature
with too much Ego and less We
forces Homo Sapiens to the knee …

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Balance II

With each other …
Against each other …
In each other …
Out of each other …
After each other …
Together …
To each other …

… Humans

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Winged divine stallion
of the ancient world …
Symbol of poetry art …
Symbol of free thought
and imagination …

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Eternity I

Attractions unexplainable …
Temptation and Love …
Man and Woman …
Evolution …
Life and Death …
Eternal Plan …
Only Reaction?

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Eternity II

The sculpture embodies eternal life – how it virtually screws itself out of the earth and holds Pandora’s box aloft, in which the incomprehensible of life is stored …

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Apollucalypse I

Apocalypse by pollution …

The central section of this sculpture depicts a swooping animal figure, somewhat reminiscent of a great crested grebe. Already dead creatures lie on the ground, partly deformed. There are birds, a fish, a buffalo, even a crocodile on the side and below it a human being, his head turned down at an angle: World fire – the chaos infernale …

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Apollucalypse II

Apocalypse by pollution …

World fire …
Prosperity suicide …
Restriction …
Quorum sensing …
Where is the green Messiah?

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The Three

Number of power …
Number of gods …
Number of imbalances …
Number of decision …

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In times of crisis, artists preferably fall back to use religious motifs to express the immeasurable suffering in the world. This is what the quite expressionistic figure group “Pieta” illustrates with the modern title “Despair”: Desperation and helplessness, the vehement shriek, asking WHY is this self-destruction of the most valuable thing that was given to us. The most precious gift is our planet, our living space, our life – everything is threatened by climate change. The sculpture is also intended to express the irrepressible rebellion against adverse circumstances – as an invitation to finally become disruptively active …

Dr. Bärbel Manitz

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The sculpture “Misericordia” represents our brains and protective hands over purgatory as an expression of the world fire. Perhaps – speaking to Lev Kopelev – we have to open ourselves more to charity and mercy, the longing for brotherhood and less to the ego greed, to save the unacceptable world …

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Homo Quantus

Information evolution about binary to quantum, humans and robots, driven by big data, quantum nature remains the unfathomable mystery of life …

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Geometry and Illusion

Von Einstein, Pythagoras und Gauß,
von Riemann und Euklid.
Vom Flachen hin zum Bogen,
von Absolut und Relativ.

Oh Augen, seid am Ende ihr betrogen?
Ist die Gerade etwa schief?
Machst Du, Magie, den Raum zu Zeit,
hälst Du noch mehr für mich bereit?

Es saugt Dein Geist an meiner Sphäre,
Dein Wissen gibt Dir große Ehre,
die Wahrheit doch, die Wahrheit bleibt
für Dich, Du Mensch, Chimäre.

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I believe that it is the fate of the Occident to bring the critically rational, wanting to understand on the one hand and the mystically irrational, seeking the redeeming experience of unity on the other hand into connection with each other again and again. Both attitudes will always dwell in the soul of the human being, and the one will always already carry the other as the germ of its opposite. This creates a kind of dialectical process of which we do not know where it will lead. I believe that as Westerners we must entrust ourselves to this process and recognise the pair of opposites as complementary. By allowing the tension of opposites to exist, we must also acknowledge that in any path of knowledge or salvation, we depend on factors beyond our control, which religious language has always called grace.

Wolfgang Pauli 1954

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Tarnung braucht das Licht im Leben
und der Dämon in der Nacht,
Gold bringt seine Sucht zum Beben
und Menschsein ist erwacht.

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Und schnell und unbegreiflich schnelle
Dreht sich umher der Erde Pracht;
Es wechselt Paradieseshelle
Mit tiefer, schauervoller Nacht.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Faust I, Prologue in Heaven, Gabriel

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Alles geben die Götter,
die unendlichen,
Ihren Lieblingen ganz,
Alle Freuden, die unendlichen,
Alle Schmerzen, die unendlichen,

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
From a letter to Auguste zu Stolberg

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Spherical Human

The human being – once a perfect, spherical body with two faces looking towards opposite directions: Descended from the sun, moon and earth; striving to take possession of the heavens; punished by Zeus, shattered into two imperfect halves as man and woman; two complementary beings united in love; perhaps rediscovering wholeness …

Bernd Perlbach
(Thoughts on the myth of the spherical men, attributed to Aristophanes by Plato in his Symposion)

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The black hole of the elongated galaxy is asymmetrical at the event horizon and attracts light in a spiral due to unimaginably high gravitational …

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In European mythology
the bull also stands
for omnipotent power …

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The Golden One

Unimaginable gravitational forces suck all matter as information into black holes of the galaxies, concentrate in singularity (God?), in order to be ejected again in portions (beginning and end at the same time) …

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